Feeling the love


Here's Charbonnel et Walker's flagship store at 28 Old Bond Street in London featuring my packaging for Valentines Day (available in pink, blue and red hearts and a HUGE round red box). You can find them in their stores on Old Bond Street, Canary Wharf, Liverpool Street, Leeds or Harrods, John Lewis, Selfridges, Liberty, Fenwicks, Harvey Nichols, Lane Crawford Hong Kong, Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Macy's, Bloomingdales plus lots of other luxury retailers. I've now started work on some new packaging for them, I can't show you what I'm up to yet but there's more to come!...

See you soon xxx


BBC Wildlife Magazine

Hello lovely

Here's a new illustration for BBC Wildlife Magazine, it accompanies an article by Charles Foster about his experience of spending time with his son living as a badger! It was really fun to draw their heads and I LOVED drawing the worms!

This week has been mostly Bracknell/ Epping focused (I'm currently creating permanent artwork for the redevelopment of Bracknell Town Centre, and designing seven flats in Epping) and I've been very busy...

- learning from local historian Paul Lacey about the history of Bracknell
- working with architect Michael Lynas on the Epping project
- exploring the landscape, plants and animals across Bracknell Borough with Countryside Ranger Rob Soloman
- finishing off storyboards for the animation I'm creating with Lazy Chief for a US brand
- painting for my residency project
- creating mood boards for the Epping Project

And today...
- meeting with the lovely team at Ted Baker to discuss my residency (which they fund!)
- meeting with the architect at BDP specialising in the lighting plans for Bracknell

This weekend I'm off to explore Epping Forest with a picnic, there will also be LOTS of sleeping, sketchbooks, tea and snacks.

See you soon xxx

Charbonnel et Walker - Final Valentines Designs


I'm so excited to share the final designs for my collaboration with Charbonnel et Walker for their Valentines Day range. If you look back over my last two blogposts you can see the design process that led to this final illustration. It really focuses on the jewel feathers of the peacock, and includes a crown on the head (as one of Charbonnel's iconic chocolate designs is a crown) and a feather detail along the edge of the box. I'm really proud of the range and was excited to see it popping up in stores all over London yesterday! Next week the window vinyl and foam POS boards will be installed, so I'll bring you photos of that asap. Huge thanks to Jo and Ruth at Charbonnel for such a beautiful and romantic commission.

I'm still working really hard on my animations with Lazy Chief for a US brand. It's been really interesting creating the story boards and learning how to make my drawings come to life. I'm also working on the Bracknell Project (I'm designing a range of permanent artwork for the redevelopment of Bracknell Town Centre). At the moment I'm focusing on possible locations and materials and so far plan to work with lighting, glass, plastic, concrete, corten steel and granite so I have a HUGE amount of learning and experimenting to do!

I also had an important meeting about the Epping Project (I've been commissioned by GS8 to collaborate with Lynas Smith Architects to create a series of flats in Epping). The next step is a series of workshops between me and the architect to start planning the concept and direction of the work - the first of which is next week HURRAH!

Last week I completed my voice over for the Ted Baker promotional animations about my residency. It was VERY fun but I did collapse into uncontrollable giggles twice during the session. The type I used to have at school, NOTHING was funny but I COULD NOT stop laughing. Even writing this is making me giggle again. Oh well, thank heaven for editing!

Looking forward to chatting again next week, have a great weekend!

Kerry x


Charbonnel et Walker - process/ progress


So this week I'm continuing to show you the process behind my Valentines 2016 Collection commissioned by Charbonnel et Walker (available in store very soon!).

After the initial designs (see here) the feedback was that they were keen to incorporate the jewellery moodboard, with the animal moodboard:

Peacocks were suggested and so I devised this VERY rough design (see below) where the peacock feathers were depicted as jewels.

The feedback from this was that...
- they only wanted one peacock not two
- smaller eyes (less cartoon and more realistic) 
- they liked the single colour line drawing (rather than the coloured in options)
- they wanted to try a decorative and flamboyant feather headdress (below) which they had seen on a personal piece I had created a few years ago...

I then set to work creating this more serious peacock drawing...

The feedback from this was that they wanted a much smaller peacock body (without the headdress) with the design focused on lots and lots of feathers. Pop back next week to see what I came up with (I know - I'm such a tease!)

In other news... I'm having a lovely week working on an animation for a US company (very floral and collaborating with my favourite human Lazy Chief HURRAH) and brainstorming for Bracknell (- I've been commissioned to create the artwork for the redevelopment of the town centre). I'm also doing a voiceover for Ted Baker on Friday to accompany a series of animation they're making about my residency project (for which they are the lovely funders).

OK, back to work (me, not you - you can have a lovely cup of tea and put your feet up)

See you next week x

Charbonnel et Walker - BRAINSTORMING


I had a lovely break but I'm so, so happy to be back in the studio.

This week I've plunged right into one of my big projects for 2016. I'm creating the site wide permanent artwork for the redevelopment of Bracknell Town Centre, and so this week has been full of meetings and exploring the potential of various locations and materials. It's incredible interesting and I LOVE the huge scale of the project. 

For now I can finally share the work I've been doing for Charbonnel et Walker, I was given a completely open brief to illustrate their 2016 Valentine chocolate range and I thought it might be interesting to share the design process.

Initially I presented them with a range of potential directions (shown below) each idea had a mood board and a rough mock up. Although the work would be eventually drawn, I find that people find it easier to understand ideas using rough photo comps, rather than a scruffy line drawing!

Next week I'll share more work from this project, until then have a lovely time full of new Christmas socks and long winter walks! x


2015 round up

Hello! It's time to round up my favourite things from the last year...

It's always really hard to just choose just a few highlights, I've had a really wonderful 2015, with travel to Paris, Brussels, USA, Morocco and India and lots of really exciting commissions. I just wanted to take a moment to look back before I charge forward into the new year...

I travelled to Paris in January for a quick inspiration trip (my highlight was the Picasso Museum)...

I got the Russian, French, Spanish, Korean and German versions of my book 'Fearless Drawing'....

Temporary tattoo designs for Fickle Tattoos...

Dinner drawings for Waitrose...

Jo Malone fairy installation for Chelsea in Bloom...

Teaching drawing at Squam in New England (I'll be back again in 2016)...

I had the mosts AMAZING time working on my Artist in Residence Project...

Created gin illustrations for Square Meal Magazine...

Warehaus was completed and opened in September (I had created all the artwork for the development from brass) and I had an inspiring trip to Morocco...

New packaging for Cafe Direct and THE MOST INCREDIBLE trip to India...

My work is featured in the contemporary illustration book 'Illusive' and I create an original piece for The Hunger Project...


Christmas cards for Petplan and Historic Royal Palaces (and FAR too many mince pies)...

Have an amazing New Year and thank you SO MUCH for reading my blog!

I'm looking forward to showing you new projects in 2016 for the Chelsea Physic Garden, Charbonnel & Walker, Pictura, Hodder & Stoughton, BBC Wildlife, Marks & Spencer, Holland & Barrett and sharing the progress of my residency, my site wide artwork for the regeneration of Bracknell Town Centre and the design of seven flats and a retail space in Essex - PHEW! xxx