My dream dress

Hello! I had such a lovely time in Brighton yesterday eating FAR too much vegan food (the cafes there are so great), catching up with a dear friend and MOST importantly visiting the wizard Eleanor at her shop Dig For Victory to collect my beautiful new dress. This dress has been over a year in the planning and is SO much better than I ever dreamed.

I spotted the beautiful work of genius artist Amy Pliszka in Issue 3 of Hole and Corner Magazine back in July 2014. She had been creating the most wonderful pleated fabric bee hives designed from the bees’ perspective, and I pinged her an email to ask if she would consider taking on a fashion commission to create me a dress. I was so delighted when she accepted the project and set about creating a brief for her based on five key words which were, space, the moon, origami, architecture and The Jetsons. Her mood boards were amazing and her sketches, fabric and pleating samples were wonderful. Eventually we had settled on a design and so travelled to Brighton to meet my dress maker Eleanor, to discuss how best to progress and finalise all the elements.

Eleanor is a hugely creative, inventive and fun person to collaborate with. As a teeny 4 foot 10 inch miniature adult I have always struggled to find clothes that fit me and reflect my personality, and so I have spent the last few years gradually commissioning Eleanor to create me a new bespoke collection of dresses. Made to measure and deeply personal, featuring my illustrations and hand made prints. Eleanor worked with me and Amy to discuss the construction and refine the plan. Amy then set about sourcing all the fabric (there is an enormous amount of fabric in this dress, in two shades of silver silk) and creating the pleats.

Yesterday I travelled to Brighton and arrived at Eleanor's shop to see the dress displayed on a mannequin in it's full glory. I immediately tried it on (see above!) and then Eleanor got out her pins to create the final fitting (not pictured but I'm wearing it now as I type!). I collected the adjusted dress and HAD to wear it home, I can't believe it's mine and I'm so happy to have collaborated with two such talented women. I'm really enjoying my collection of NINE bespoke dresses, I wear them every day like a uniform. They are not saved for special occasions but are worn with flip flops, wellies, slippers and converse each day and bring me a HUGE amount of pleasure and satisfaction. 

Have a wonderful weekend and I'll be back next week with more illustrations x


Fenwicks Bentalls

Morning! Wow what a crazy week, we've moved out of the flat whilst our flat is being redecorated so we're renting a little bungalow in our village. My studio is at home, and so the entire studio has now also been transferred to the bungalow kitchen! But I'm all set up now and getting used to the new environment (as are our cats!).

I'm so excited to show you the new drawings above created for Fenwicks Bentalls. Each year they run a promotion on their baby ranges and bring in experts to help customers decide what to buy. I created a range of drawings that they'll be using to promote the event over the next year, and I'm so pleased with how they've turned out!

On Wednesday I went to The Serpentine to see the 2015 Pavillion, and then on to the V&A to see the Shoes exhibition and What is Luxury. I really recommend the What is Luxury show, it's free, has a ton of AMAZING objects, and very thoughtful interpretation questioning the idea of luxury. I'm off to Coworth Park this morning to see how their wildflower meadow is developing and then this weekend my nieces are coming to visit, so I've purchased the obligatory 'Frozen' merchandise and sweet required from all aunts!

I've nearly finished the family trail for The Chelsea Physic Garden, and I'm now working on the coloured mid draft for the book cover for Hodder & Stoughton so I'm keeping busy!

Have a great weekend lovelies! x


Ted Baker AW15


I hope that you're having a wonderful week.

I've finished off my drawings for Imbibe magazine, and I'm working on the family trail for The Chelsea Physic Garden and a new exciting book cover for Hodder & Stoughton. I'm off to visit Ted Baker HQ tomorrow, they continue to fund my Artist-in-Residence project (and therefore have my undying love) and so I'm going to show them what I got up to during the summer term last year. 

This week I thought I'd share an interview I did for them in their A/W 15 Curiosities brochure (in all good stores now!) It was shot in London's Natural History Museum, and their new collection is GORGEOUS!

Here's the text from the interview below...



Cutting her teeth during a fine art degree before gaining a Queen Elizabeth Scholarship to study in Cambridge, illustrator Kerry Lemon now spends her time as Artist-in-Residence at Royal Holloway University.

More than just a fancy title, the groundbreaking residency sees her working with botanists and scientists to explore the possibilities of creating new, and altering existing plants to reflect her drawings - she describes it as "the most exciting project (she has) ever undertaken."

Much like Ted, she is fascinated with lines and patterns and takes in every little detail as she draws. From the tones of a sepal to the whisper of veins in a petal. Kerry admits to being enchanted by plants and flowers. Their colours, patterns and ingenuity offering her endless inspiration.

Kerry listens to talk radio and audio books as she draws (music affects her lines) and is inspired by poetry - the illustrated kind, naturally. Speaking of inspirations, Kerry makes sure to clear her busy schedule once a year to take a culture-soaking trip to reinvigorate. She names Iceland as the most inspiring place she's ever been. "The colour and active physicality of the environment is incredible", remarking on Reykjavik's beautiful cornucopia-toned houses.

The sometimes-investigative, sometimes-explorative nature of her work has afforded her the opportunity to explore the world by venturing off the beaten track a little. During a Residency at The Nordic Watercolour Museum on the tiny Swedish island of Tjorn she found herself drawing in a beautiful isolated artists' cabin on stilts in a lake full of blue jellyfish: "it was heaven and I can't wait to return".

And what would she call a species of flower she's stumbled upon, perhaps on one of her inspiration-finding trips? "That's easy: Kerry Lemon. I love my name!"

Last week I zipped around some exhibitions that are worth seeing, Ladybird by Design at the House of Illustration, Alice Anderson at The Wellcome Collection and MOST importantly delicious vegan cake at Drink, Shop & Do - highly recommended!

OK that's it for me I'll be back next week with more chat - until then keep drawing! x



Hello! I'm so excited to show you my new work for a mixed use development in London Fields called Warehaus created by Lynas Architects and Union Developments. I began working on this project a few years ago, and it really has been the most amazing commission. I was given complete freedom to explore subject matter, material and location, and after lots of thought I was very inspired by the proposed glass bottomed swimming pool on the roof of the development and the wildflower garden surrounding it...

I wanted to create botanical artworks inspired by the plants that grow around natural water sources in the UK (ie, yellow iris, bullrush etc). As the development was to have an art deco feel, I elected to work with laser cut brass (and the wonderful company Cut-Tec) to create bespoke door panels and a huge 18 x 6 meter installation for the atrium...

Here is the full design for the wallpiece, the light is refracted through the water in the swimming pool and creates wonderful patterns across the water lilies...

Each of the door panels are uniquely numbered, and sandwiched between clear and opaque glass panels to enable privacy and light for the residents...

I am so proud of this project and so happy that I can finally share it with you here! All of the photographs are taken by the highly recommended camera wizard Steve Peskett x


Holland & Barrett St John's Wort

Wow I really can't believe it's Friday again, these summer weeks are just flying by! Here's a new drawing for Holland & Barrett of St John's Wort, I've got so many of these to share as I'm really behind in posting them so expect lots over the next few weeks...

This week I've been working on new drawings for Holland & Barrett, Imbibe Magazine, and The Chelsea Physic Garden and I've finished my commission for Bentalls, (I LOVE IT and can't wait to share it!). Yesterday lovely photographer Steve Peskett visited the Warehaus site to photograph all my artwork for the new mixed use development. There's a 18 x 6 meter wall piece and 30 door panels all laser cut from brass and inspired by botanics so it will be great to show you those very soon - it's been my favourite commission to date!

Have a lovely weekend, draw a lot, laugh a lot and eat lots of banana nice cream (I'm OBSESSED with it!) x


Square Meal Magazine

Here's a new illustration created for Square Meal Magazine about the variety and quality of gin currently trending across the UK. I always love to draw packaging, and focused on the botanical ingredients of gin so this was a really fun commission for me.

I'm having quite a crazy week, juggling commissions for The Chelsea Physic Garden, Bentalls, Imbibe Magazine and Holland & Barrett. On Tuesday I was very lucky to spend the morning at Coworth Park, it's the country branch of the Dorchester in London and is known for it's iconic nine acre wildflower meadow. Head Gardener Terri Crow was kind enough to give me tour and help me identify all the flowers. I brought (and filled) a HUGE flower press and so I'm looking forward to being able to open that in six weeks time. Here's some images from my trip to Coworth Park (with huge thanks to Coworth Park and the funders of my Residency Project Ted Baker)...

I'm currently drawing very cute baby rabbits (all will be revealed soon!) until then enjoy the rest of your week and I'll be back soon x


Holland & Barrett

Hiya, just a quick post to share these new drawings from Holland & Barrett of Moringa (I have such a backlog of these to share at the moment - this is from March!)

I hope that you're having a great week, mine has been so inspiring, I've spent some of it in Norwich at The John Innes Centre learning all about Turing's reaction-diffusion model as part of my Artist Residency activity (funded by the delightful Ted Baker). I've also been doing lots of drawing in the studio for new commissions and tomorrow will see me buzzing all over London for client meetings (lots of them top secret and very exciting!) before dinner with fantastic friends.

Have a wonderful week, and I hope that the sun is shining where you are x