Henley Festival 2015

Hello! I just wanted to share this site map created for the Henley Festival 2015 it was really fun to draw all the different tents and my favourite part was the fireworks and the boats around the floating stage.

Today I've started a REALLY exciting and romantic commission and I'm looking forward to telling you all about it. I'm also happy to announce that the giant London Fields commission is currently being installed and should be complete at the end of April so not long now until I can show you that too! (The London Fields commission is a new retail and residential commission with 32 flats and 5 commercial units and I've created laser cut brass artwork for each of the doors, the lift and a 18 x 6 meter wallpiece PHEW!)

Tomorrow I have the golden ticket as I'm off to see the McQueen exhibition at The V&A and then on Friday I'm going to the Directors Tour at The Drawing Room so lots of exciting things to see and do!

Have a great week, it's felt so Spring like today HURRAH! x


Holland & Barrett

Hello! here's some new work for Holland & Barrett, acupuncture and starflower. This week I'm working really hard on my Birds of Paradise adults colouring book for Templar (nearly there now!...) but I've also been off exploring in Oxford, yesterday I went to see Re-fashioned at The Old Fire Station, The University Museum of Natural History and Pitt Rivers Museum - all very inspiring. This weekend I'm off to see the Forensics: Anatomy of Crime exhibition at The Wellcome Collection, I've heard it's amazing and very gory - as always, to see what I'm seeing have a look at my Instagram (and check out my beautiful new Dig For Victory dress there too! x

Waitrose Kitchen

Hello! Today it really feels like Spring, it's sunny and warm(ish!) and the gardens are full of daffodils, primrose, crocus, and the last of the snowdrops. I'm hard at work on my Birds of Paradise book for Templar, enjoying the sunny studio and drinking copious amounts of earl grey tea! Yesterday I had the most incredible opportunity to visit The Millennium Seed Bank in Sussex where Wolfgang Stuppy (Kew's expert on seed and fruit anatomy and morphology and author) very kindly gave me a private behind the scenes tour and answered my endless bumbling questions. It was so inspiring and exciting and I really couldn't believe my luck! My residency has led to so many interesting and often unexpected meetings and so many people have and continue to be incredible generous with their time.

Last night I went to Sadlers Wells to see the English National Ballet's Modern Masters. It was the very first piece that has stayed with me, Petite Mort by Jiří Kylián’s featuring six men, six women, and six fencing foils, just totally spellbinding. It was the first thing I thought of when I woke up this morning!

Tomorrow I'm off to Brighton to collect a new dress from the geniuses at Dig For Victory (I cannot wait to show it to you!) and on Sunday I'm off to the Barbican to see their conservatory and their new exhibition 'Magnificent Obsessions : The Artist as Collector'.

Above are some images I created for Waitrose Kitchen Magazine, I'm now off to make myself a pasta lunch very similar to the top image!

Have a great day and I hope that it's sunny where you are!


Adventures in Brussels and Bruges

I had the most wonderful trip to Brussels and Bruges, it was so inspiring and I just wanted to share some snapshots from my (too brief!) time there. I saw and did so much but the things which really inspired me and have stayed with me on my return were..

- The hand carved wooden moulds at J Dandoy for shaping speculoos (spiced biscuits)

- Emilio Lopez-Menchero at the Centrale for Contemporary Art particularly his "Trying to be Frida' photograph displayed in a room with a wonderful printed floor.

- The stunning Breugels at the Musee Old Masters

- The Gallery of Hearts at the Musees Royeaux d'Art et d'Histoire, an entire room full of paintings, sculptures and prints featuring the heart. I found the collection really inspiring, moving and romantic.

- Ellen Harvey's temporary exhibition at the Groeningemuseum depicting maps of Brussels inlaid into mirrow, so the many waterways of the city shone silver and reflected the viewer.

- Andrew George's temporary exhibition at the Memlingmuseum made me cry, a beautiful photography exhibition with accompanying interviews from terminally ill people in hospices.

- The Helig Bloedbasiliek the most beautifully painted and printed church - so inspiring!

This week I'm really excited to be back in the studio working on my Birds of Paradise book for Pictura. On Wednesday I'm having a private behind the scenes tour of The Millennium Seed Bank as part of my Artist in Residence project - I'm SO EXCITED! and can't wait to tell you all about it! x


Petunia Circadia

Hello all! if you've been looking on Instagram you'll know that I've been working on (and teasing you all about) this painting, so I'm really excited to be able to explain all now.... 

... I'm currently Artist in Residence in the Plant Molecular Science Department at Royal Holloway University (funded by the lovely folk at Ted Baker - more info here). As part of this exciting project I've been speaking to gardeners, botanists, breeders and scientists to explore the possibilities of creating new and altering existing plants to reflect my drawings. One of the most interesting projects I had come across in my research was from the USA 'Petunia Circadia' by RevBio, and I had the fantastic opportunity to meet with the two scientists behind the project; Keira Havens and Nikolai Braun whilst they were in London earlier this month.

Petunia Circadia is a petunia that will be developed by Keira and Nikolai to change colour throughout the day. It will start out pink in the morning, travel through purple and end up blue in the evening and yes, when you wake up it will be pink again! This is a long term project, the first stage of which is to create petunias that change colour from white to red (using science rather than dyes!). These plants will then be used by artist Prof. Helen Storey to create a London based installation in response to the Paris Climate Change Summit later this year. In order to fund this exciting work they are launching a crowdfunding campaign here

I am so excited by the potential of this project, and so have joined forces with them to create their glorious Petunia Circadia, visualising its colour change over the course of a single day. Prints of my painting will be sent to individuals that back their campaign as a thank you for their support. I'll be updating this blogpost with the link to the campaign as soon as it goes live, so please check back next week to find out more. If you can't wait follow the links within this post to learn more about RevBio and the science behind their ideas!

Have a wonderful week whatever you get up to and I'll be back next time to tell you all about my upcoming sketchbook trip to Brussels and Bruges! x


Yorkshire Adventure

Hello! last week I went to see Ultima Vez and Wayne McGregor at Sadlers Wells, both of which were really exciting but the performance by Ultima Vez has really stayed with me so if you get the chance to see them live DO IT! On Saturday I went to Brighton to see the clever Eleanor at Dig For Victory as I'm getting two new dresses made. One is a bright mustard with a pencil skirt and long sleeves featuring a print of my squirrel drawing originally created for Harvey Nichols. The other is a collaboration with artist Amy Pliszka  who has designed and developed highly architectural pleats - I cannot wait to show you what we've been cooking up! On Sunday I went to Oxford to see the Blake exhibition at The Ashmolean Museum and then onto Modern Art Oxford to see the William Morris & Andy Warhol exhibition curated by Jeremy Deller. Both of which were WONDERFUL - if you're nearby do go, you won't regret it (and have lunch in the lovely restaurant at the top of the Ashmolean as the food is delicious!)

This week I've been on a really fantastic trip to Yorkshire, the colours of the landscape were so inspiring and I've returned really inspired! 

The first day I went to visit the Yorkshire Sculpture Park in Wakefield. It's set in the MOST beautiful landscape and Emily Sutton had an ENORMOUS solo exhibition which was fantastic. It was also great to be able to revisit Roger Hiorns Seizure, which I originally saw in London in 2008.

Day two I went to Salt Mills to see David Hockney's work, and then went for a long walk in the North Yorkshire Moors, I can't believe how lucky I was with the weather!

On the last day I returned home via Manchester to view the Whitworth Gallery which has just had a 15 million redevelopment and re-opened last week with a WONDERFUL exhibition by Cornelia Parker. The journey home was via the Peak District which was so beautiful, and again, wonderful colours!

I'm back in the studio today working on illustrations for my new 'Birds of Paradise' book for Pictura, and this weekend will be full of PJ's, drawing, scrapbooks, movies and a bit of a rest! See you next week  x


A packed week!


Nearly half-way through another lovely week, it's jam packed full of my residency, exciting project meetings, visiting the Tate and Sadlers Wells, working on my 'Birds of Paradise' book for Templar and drawing site maps for Henley Festival 2015 - PHEW!!!  I'm feeling busy but really happy and inspired. Blogging tonight as there's so much to do before my weekend away, Saturday in Brighton and Sunday in Oxford and then off with my sketchbook to Yorkshire next week BLISS!

Have fun whatever you're up to and I'll report back next week!

p.s. new work above for Holland & Barrett x