Chelsea in Bloom 2015

I'm so excited to share this installation for Jo Malone as part of the Chelsea in Bloom celebrations in London. Each year the stores in Chelsea celebrate the Chelsea Flower Show with BEAUTIFUL floral installations lasting for one week. I was commissioned to create hand painted fairies by Jo Malone to be hidden throughout their floral installation. It was such a lovely project to be part of, and I'm really proud of how it turned out. If you can get to London do go and see all the fantastic shops, it ends this Sunday and you can find more info here

(All photos by the very clever Steven Peskett and floral installation created by Emma Coleman. Emma worked with a team of gardeners from St Mungo's Broadway supporting people who are homeless to learn new skills and find employment. Keep scrolling down to see a short film documenting the making of the garden by Jo Malone x)

Warehaus doors


I've been working on this project since mid 2013, creating bespoke artwork for a new mixed use development comprised of 32 flats and 5 commercial units in East London. It's called Warehaus and was developed by Union Developers with Lynas Architecture and I can finally start to show you what I've been up to all this time!

It really was the best project as they allowed me complete freedom of subject and location within the building. I was really inspired by the glass bottomed rooftop swimming pool surrounded by wildflowers in the architects plans, and so wanted to create work based on the types of plants that grow around natural water sources in the UK. I elected to create work for the residential doors, the lift and a huge piece for the atrium. As the development used a lot of brass fittings I chose to echo this in the artwork and worked with Cut-Tec to have all the work created in brass.

I was on site yesterday (it was glorious weather and the view from the rooftop swimming pool is INCREDIBLE!). All the doors are installed and the wall piece is very nearly there, so I wanted to share the designs for the doors with you today. There are seven designs that are repeated across the 32 flats. Each front door has a full size glass panel to one side containing my cut brass design. It is a sandwich with clear glass on the exterior, then my brass panel, then frosted glass in the interior to maintain privacy for the residents. The latin and common names of the plants and the flat numbers are all drawn by hand and this is reflected in the brass really well. 

I cannot wait to show you the photos of the actual development, but for now here's the door designs. You'll need to use your imagination, as wherever you see black is actually brass, and the white areas are cut out negative space.

Have a great week and next week I'll be back with a new installation for Jo Malone! x

Residency update 2


Hope you're having a great week!

Yesterday I spent time exploring the library at The Chelsea Physic Garden. They have the most beautiful and inspiring collection and I was particularly taken with a book of embellished Nature Prints by Joseph Miller published in 1743 - STUNNING! I'm starting a new commission for the garden soon so I'm really looking forward to that.

I've finished the next draft designs for Charbonnel et Walker and I really can't wait to show them to you. So now I'm super busy hand painting designs for Jo Malone, but I wanted to take a quick break (and a giant cup of tea) to share a short film created as part of my Artist Residency funded by Ted Baker. I pinned up a huge sheet of paper to the wall (1m x 2m) and drew with charcoal. It's not great resolution here so you might prefer to view it here


You can find out more about my Residency project here and here).

Have a great weekend, I'll be working on the Jo Malone paintings and I'm planning on a few long walks and some vegan baking as well! x


An update on my residency...


Just before the long weekend kicks off I wanted to share a little more about my residency and what I've been getting up to.

Each Monday I am Artist in Residence at Royal Holloway University funded by (the very lovely folk) at Ted Baker. I am collaborating with plant molecular scientists to explore the possibility of creating new flowers based on my drawings and I am currently OBSESSED with designing and creating graphic patterns on the leaves and petals of plants.

I came up with the idea for the residency about 4/5 years ago, but it took a long time to find the right person to collaborate with, and the funding to enable it to happen. I have just started my third term at University and so I wanted to show you the types of activities I've been getting up to...

I've had a really busy week drawing for Jo Malone and Charbonnel et Walker (can't wait to show you what I've been cooking up) so I'm looking forward to a few days of rest, scrapbooks and painting x


Camomile for H&B

Hello! here's a new camomile flower illustration for Holland & Barrett, I worked really hard on the colour for the base and neck of the stem and I'm really pleased with how they've turned out!

WHAT A WEEK! I'm currently juggling really exciting jobs for Charbonnel et Walker and Jo Malone and yesterday I was lecturing at De Montford University in Leicester. Today I visited the lovely people at Ted Baker HQ to share the work created during the 2nd term of my residency. They've been funding the residency and are a hugely supportive and creative team so it's always fun to catch up. Term three of the residency starts on Monday, so I'm itching to get back after the Easter break!

I've finished planning for my (fully booked eek!) art classes at this years Squam USA. I'm returning to New England at the start of June to teach a colour filled class and so I've been creating all the hand outs, making the example books and buying paints, pens and crayons in every colour of the rainbow! This will be my third year at Squam (find out about last years visit here), it really is the most beautiful and inspiring place and I'm so looking forward to it!

On Sunday I'm off to Sketch to see a lovely art director from Hakuhodo Ad agency who I originally met during my trip to Tokyo for my solo exhibition in 2013. I'm really excited to catch up with her and especially as Skecth do a special vegan afternoon tea HURRAH! 

Have a fantastic week, and I hope the Spring sun is shining on you x


Fickle Tattoos

Hello! I just wanted to share these new temporary tattoo designs created for Fickle Tattoos, they'll be available to buy from their website soon - next time you see me I'll probably be covered in them!

This week I'm working on the new project for Charbonnel et Walker, and having lots of meetings for REALLY exciting new projects (can't say anything yet but watch this space...). Next week I'm off to De Montfort University in Leicester for a days teaching, and I'm meeting with my favourite people at Ted Baker to show them what I've been up to during term 2 of my Artist Residency at Royal Holloway University.

There's so many amazing exhibitions on at the moment so I'm heading off to see how many I can see on Sunday, on my hit list is... The Fashion Gallery at The Shop at Bluebird, The Herm├Ęs exhibition at The Saatchi Gallery, The Goya show at The Courtauld and The Diebenkorn at the RA. I also really want to see Ravilious at The Dulwich Picture Gallery, but I think that's just going to have to wait for another day!

Have a great week (I hope it's full of drawing and adventures) x


Anniversary commission


I just wanted to share this new piece created as an anniversary gift. I worked from photos of the bridal bouquet, and it's a smallish A5 original drawing with touches of watercolour.

Wow what a great week, I have finished the adult colouring book on Birds of Paradise commissioned by Pictura (Templar Publishing) and started a BEAUTIFUL and romantic new commission for Charbonnel et Walker chocolates. 

Term two of my Artist Residency at Royal Holloway University in the Plant Molecular Science Dept finished on Monday (funded by my favourite people at Ted Baker). I am collaborating with scientists to explore the potential of manipulating flowers to reflect my drawings, and even designing a brand new plant! It is the MOST exciting project! On Wednesday I went to meet the super clever cocktail King Ryan Chetiyawardana, A.K.A Mr Lyan at his bar Dandelyan in the Mondrian Hotel on the Southbank.  I'm currently exploring fantastical, invented fruits and seeds and wanted to hear what he would desire in a new fruit in terms of texture, taste, aroma and colour. I am still buzzing with ideas generated from the meeting and will be spending today writing up my notes and making sketches!

I hope that you have a wonderful Easter break with the people you love, and lots and lots and lots of chocolate x